PdM Solutions Program Design & Options

How to Design a PdM Solutions Program

Select machines to monitor:
Choosing machines to survey is based on criticality – how does a failure impact production and what are the costs to replace/repair? PdMS engineers work closely with our clients to apply condition monitoring to the right rotating assets to ensure maximum value.

Select frequency of monitoring:
How often we collect data for analysis not only involves criticality, but also the nature of the process, hours of operation, and the costs of monitoring. Again, we work closely with each client to decide the appropriate level of service that will deliver performance and value. Typically, machines are surveyed every 4, 8 or 12 weeks.

Some machines that are desirable to monitor are not accessible for portable sensor mounting. In this case, we can provide hardware to permanently mount sensors wired to a junction box for data acquisition. Installation is performed by a certified and insured PdM Solutions technician.

PdM Solutions Program Options

Program Term: One and two year programs are available.

Data Collectors: Facilities have the option to either purchase or rent a data collector for the term of the PdM Solutions program. The rental fee or purchase price will be included in the PdM Solutions monthly fee. Please contact us to learn about our full range of data collectors.

Several options are available as add-ons to your PdM Solutions program including:

Balancing: Additional hardware is required for your data collector, as well as 1.5 additional days training in field balancing.

Alignment: Choose one of the PdM Solutions laser alignment systems to include in your program. 1–2 days additional hands-on training will be delivered during your installation visit.

Certification: Predictive Maintenance Solutions, Inc. is authorized by the Vibration Institute to conduct Category I and II certification classes. Testing is administered at the conclusion of coursework.

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