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PdM Solutions partners with leading vibration monitoring and product manufacturers to provide the proven and dependable tools behind our programs.


  • Multi-channel Data Collectors:All the data collectors we use are multi-channel instruments. Basically, this means we can collect more complete data sets without taking more time to do it.
  • Triaxial Sensors:  Multi channel instruments allow use of triaxial sensors. Using a triaxial sensor, we can get a more complete picture of a machines health. Anytime we collect data it is ideal to get horizontal, vertical, and axial information.
  • ALERT Software:   On our end, ExpertALERT is our analysts’ tool of choice. With unique statistical alarms, the analyst immediately identifies which machines need attention. At the client’s end, we provide a “read only” version of ALERT called ViewALERT. ViewALERT gives the manager access to the history of his machines. All data, trends, reports, even some of the analysis tools are available electronically.  See ViewALERT screenshots, below.   Click here for a ViewALERT brochure (PDF).


  • Replication: The PdM Solutions program would not be as efficient without replication. In the past, transferring vibration data meant slow modem uploads or copying entire databases. Replication streamlines data transfer by synchronizing new information through a secure FTP site. Replication is fast and as easy as two mouse clicks.


  • PdM tech 5 Permanently Installed Data Collector Pads:  Quality data is key to successful vibration analysis. That’s why we take the extra time to epoxy permanent brass pads at each data collection point—this offers several advantages:
    • Epoxied pads provide better frequency response than traditional magnetic sensors
    • Consistent repeatable data from the same data collection spot
    • Notch on pad ensures correct orientation of sensor
    • Notched pad allows use of triaxial sensor that collects a complete set of data
    • Proper data collection is easily learned without concerns for repeatability and quality


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